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Official Best of Fest wants to know about the best festival films you've seen. Feel free to write a mini-review if you like—but at the very least, give us the movie title, where you saw the film, when, and what awards the film has won (if any).

To do this, you'll need to be a registered OBOF user. Once you register as a subscriber (at right), we'll confirm your identity via email and you'll then be promoted to Contributor... and you can post away to your heart's content. We'll collect links to all your favorites here. Be sure to select the category "Favorites"!

Thanks for joining the conversation, and for helping us bring the best possible festival films to the moviegoing public.

The Legacy

If you’re looking to do a volume 2 of fathers & sons, you might want to look at the short, The Legacy.  It’ll be showing at Newport Beach this weekend.  A story of a boy who makes a discovery that his father may be a superhero.