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If you would like a copy of the OFFICIAL BEST OF FEST sampler for review purposes, please send your name and address to:  Rick Stevenson or call 206.719.4141.  For further information on Rick Stevenson, visit www.rickstevenson.com.

Reviews and Comments

  • “In a few minutes, I saw more talent than Hollywood has been able to boast of in the past year. … Official Best of Fest reminds us that the simple things are often the most enjoyable, and that maybe, we’ve lost sight of what’s important in films. We don’t always need flashy special effects, overpaid actors or over-sexualized plots; sometimes a simple pair of fuzzy yellow socks suffices.” –East Tennesseean, August 2012
  • “Along with co-producers Kevin Sabourin and Brandon Whitehead, Stevenson and his posse of international curators from festivals across the world has collected a series of wonderful short films and packaged them into an irresistibly unpretentious indie film show.” –Northwest Screenwriters Guild, October 2010
  • “The Official Best of Fest film festival this weekend is unlike anything the theater has had before.” –Kimberly Jacobson, GoAnacortes, October 2010
  • “Finding out your film has gotten distribution on… Friday. After work. Oh yeah. Phenomenal news.  … I’m super, perhaps even epically psyched.” –Bradley Glenn, director, Battle of the Bozos, October 2010
  • “Stevenson isn’t shy about confessing his prejudice: He likes films with a positive message, though some in the bunch are a bit darker. He hopes the series will inspire audiences to dig for entertainment with a little more depth than what’s playing at the cookie-cutter multiplexes.” –Rachel Solomon, The Seattle Times, October 2010
  • “My eyes have been opened to a whole new and better world of entertainment – Official Best of Fest … delightful! It is refreshing to know that there are film makers who care about something besides violence and moral degradation. Thanks to all those who choose to make the world a better place by bringing quality and more meaningful entertainment to those who earnestly seek it.” –Julie, Mom’s Purse, October 2010
  • “I have deliberately waited a bit before doing this review for 1 reason.  My kids get really excited about new movies and then within a couple of weeks the newness wears off and they move on to something else.  I wanted to see what the staying power of these movies were. … They love these movies and ask again and again to watch them.  I don’t mind letting them either.  Every film shows initiative and makes the kids think.” –Kim, Prairie Mama Reviews, September 2010
  • “I promise you, I am a tough critic and I’m not one to waste two hours of my life on a poorly made flick. I employ something I like to call The Fifteen Minute Rule. If the film doesn’t hook me within the first fifteen minutes, I shut it off. Granted the run time of a few of these films is much shorter than fifteen minutes but I was not disappointed by one of the films in this collection. Not once did I press the stop button on the remote.” –Susan Warren Utley, Mom Gadget, June 2010
  • “I enjoyed the variety and uniqueness of these short films and movies. Some were thoughtful, others made me laugh. I admit that not much laundry-folding got done while I read the subtitles for Viva Cuba, but it was well worth the sacrifice.” –Lolli, Better in Bulk, June 2010
  • “Just pick what sounds good to you—or just go for the Sampler—and you’re on your way to entertainment.” –Mir Kamin, Want Not, April 2010
  • “Official Best of Fest may very well have found a way to circumvent the profit-driven gatekeepers of the lumbering studio system.  What does that mean to the casual movie fan?  Fresh ideas.  New concepts.  Original scripts.  Better movies.” –Eric M. Armstrong, The Moving Arts Film Journal, February 2010
  • “We certainly do complain around here – me included – about the lack of quality movies being produced in Hwood. This group is doing something about that.” –Scott Meyers, Go Into the Story, Dec. 2009
  • “After watching a sampler of this compilation over the past month, I have come to find some incredible short films and I cannot wait to see more from many of these writers, directors, and actors.” –Melody Simpson, Hollywood the Write Way, Dec. 2009
  • “There’s nothing slap-happy involved here. These are substantial films that really make you feel.” –She’s Smart, Dec. 2009
  • “Hello, November! The month of thankfulness. With the thanks and blessings comes the dilemmas ideas around what to buy your favorite people for the big holiday season. Well friends, I have just the gift for you.” –Aimee Heffernan, Nov. 2009
  • “It’s time to confidently enter the Official Best of Fest collections up for the consideration of your time and entertainment. And you can set your expectation bar high!” –Buzzine.com, Nov. 2009