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Talk It Up

At Official Best of Fest, we’re looking for the best possible festival films to share with the moviegoing public.  And you may know of plenty that are under-appreciated or off the radar entirely.

So tell us about your favorites.  Tell us where you saw it, when, and why the rest of the world needs to hear about it.

And if you’ve browsed around OBOF much, you know that we have packaged a number of our own faves into different gift sets, which include a variety of feature films and shorts.  Browse the categories at left to leave comments on any or all of the sets, films, and shorts brought to you by OBOF.

We also offer our own “Best Movies You’ve Never Seen” review widgets, and welcome your comments on those.

Our curators are here to answer any and all questions you might have.

And, of course, once you leave a comment for us and join the conversation as a registered user, our moderators will grant you access to post your own topics… almost anything at all.

Welcome… and let the conversation begin!