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Award-Winning Films for the Family

It may not surprise you to find out that the majority of award-winning indie and foreign films can only be seen at film festivals. Official Best of Fest was created to share these world-class, film festival films with everyone. We have gathered a top-tier curating team—award-winning film makers and film-festival directors, Oscar winners and nominees—to sift through thousands of independent film festival films to find the best of the best.

The results are here on DVD as part of the Official Best of Fest collection.

  • Tommy the Kid (short)
  • A Lobster Tale
  • Viva Cuba

4 Responses to “Award-Winning Films for the Family”

  1. Paige McEwan  

    How to view films is not clear on the website

  2. Greg  

    Hi, Paige. The best way to see these films is to purchase one of our gift sets. You can find them in the main navigation for the site. Alternatively, you can search your local PBS station’s schedule to see if the “Best Films You’ve Never Seen” program is airing in your locale.

  3. Jim  

    Wow, I just watched some stupid short film about some dumb woman trying to give away her cat, it was the most ridiculous crap I’ve ever laid eyes on!@! You people must have something better to do than put that sh.. on the air??How the hell could you pre-
    empt globe trecker for this junk?! Give me that cat, and I’ll make cat stew!!

  4. Greg  

    Hi, Jim. Sadly, we don’t make programming choices for your local station, so the complaint about pre-empting Globe Trekker would best be directed elsewhere. As to the short film you watched… art is in the eye of the beholder. Sorry it didn’t work for you! Perhaps some of the others will.