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Award-Winning Films for Fathers, Sons & Brothers

It may not surprise you to find out that the majority of award-winning indie and foreign films can only be seen at film festivals. Official Best of Fest was created to share these world-class, film festival films with everyone. We have gathered a top-tier curating team—award-winning film makers and film-festival directors, Oscar winners and nominees—to sift through thousands of independent film festival films to find the best of the best.

The results are here on DVD as part of the Official Best of Fest collection.

  • Two Soldiers
  • Illusion
  • Beyond the Call

2 Responses to “Award-Winning Films for Fathers, Sons & Brothers”

  1. Stanley  

    “Two Soldiers” is a profoundly moving brother story of caring, devotion, love, and respect.

    “Beyond the Call” is highly engaging, causing the viewer to truly care about these amazing real men and the causes to which they creatively devote their skills and resources.

    “Illusion” kept my guests and me enmeshed through intriguing plot twists and drew me into the magic of the movie palace. My disbelief-suspension system got strained in the cemetery, but the remainder of the film kept me on board for a great ride!

  2. Greg  

    Thanks for the feedback, Stanley!