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14 Award-Winning Films About Love

It may not surprise you to find out that the majority of award-winning indie and foreign films can only be seen at film festivals. Official Best of Fest was created to share these world-class, film festival films with everyone. We have gathered a top-tier curating team—award-winning film makers and film-festival directors, Oscar winners and nominees—to sift through thousands of independent film festival films to find the best of the best.

The results are here on DVD as part of the Official Best of Fest collection.

  • Disc 1: 12 Award-Winning Short Films
  • Disc 2: Norman Waiting
  • Disc 3: Expiration Date

4 Responses to “14 Award-Winning Films About Love”

  1. John Schenna  

    25 Feb 2012

    Greetings !

    PBS tonight. I just watched only one short video about a man winking at a lady on a train I think and she follows up winking back. He gets off and she panics … they instantly meet and dance. This really touched me deeply and I wanted to buy the DVD series on LOVE but it is sold out. I assume this is the category where this one is? Never heard of The Best of Fest but saw only the last 5 minutes tonight. Want to know more. Thanks…

    PS – Is the “LOVE” series the one with story line mentioned above or “Romance?” I did not catch the title of this short video. Great job !!!

    Thank you!


  2. Greg  

    Hi, John. I believe the short you’re referring to is “Love on Track.” It’s available both on the Romance boxed set ( and in The Best Films You’ve Never Seen Volume 1 ( Thanks for the note!

  3. Marsha Vas Dupre  

    What’s the film about the Elphick car for the woman in the wheelchair?? Just saw it and we’re dissolved in tears. Thank You!

  4. Greg  

    Hi, Marsha. That would be Elegy for the Elswick Envoy. It’s a part of our Award-Winning Films About REAL PEOPLE gift collection.