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Archive for June, 2009

Deep Water

In this edition, we bring a film that on the surface is a seemingly banal documentary about a sailing race. But about two thirds of the way in, Deep Water morphs into surreal portrait of solitude, competition, mental stability, and the cosmic battle of good and evil.

The Republic of Love

Tom is a charismatic late-night radio talk show host. Fay is his total opposite; her romantic ideal has not yet been attained and is unlikely ever to be due to her impossibly high expectations. The characters connect in a maze of situations, underpinning the idea that ‘geography is destiny’ and that each of us has our own ‘republic’, where lives intersect.

Marion Bridge

In the midst of struggling to overcome her self-destructive behavior, the youngest of three sisters, Agnes, returns to her hometown in Nova Scotia determined to confront the past. Her arrival sets in motion a chain of events that allows a family of women to, each in their own way, re-connect with the world and each other.

14 Award-winning Indie Chick Flicks

Official Best of Fest was created to share world-class festival films with everyone. Disc 1: 12 Award-Winning Short Films; Disc 2 Feature Films: The Republic of Love and Marion Bridge.

20 Award-Winning Short Films for Kids

Official Best of Fest was created to share world-class festival films with everyone. Disc 1 For Young Kids: 10 Award-Winning Short Films for Children ages 4–8; Disc 2 For Older Kids: 10 Award-winning Short Films for Children ages 9–12.

Binta and the Big Idea

Binta, a little girl from Senegal, tells us about the everyday life in her village, the importance of education for girls, and about her father’s great idea to make the world a better place.

7,500 Miles to Redemption

Musician Tinh Mahoney first stepped inside Oregon State Penitentiary, a maximum security prison, at the invitation of some inmates. His dream of building a school in his native Vietnam inspired them on a four year journey ending with the building of a school 7,500 miles away.

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