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The Best Films You've Never Seen, Volume 2:
Episodes 11-20


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Featuring Smile

Chris Mais
8 min. | Animation | USA

Mr. Smile must beat his arch enemy.

Disc 1

EPISODE 11: Saving the World

Binta and the Big Idea

Javier Fesser

31 min. | Drama | Spain

Binta, a little girl from Senegal, tells us about the everyday life in her village, the importance of education for girls, and about her father’s great idea to make the world a better place.


EPISODE 12: Saving the World (Continued)

A Summer Rain

Ela Thier

17 min. | Dramedy | USA (English Subtitles)

An 11-year old Israeli immigrant girl must cross her own cultural divide to start her new life in America.


EPISODE 13: Animation

The Mantis Parable

Josh Staub

9 min. | Animation | USA

A tale of a caterpillar who needs a helping hand.



Chris Mais

8 min. | Animation | USA

Mr. Smile must beat his arch enemy.



Madévi Dailly

3 min. | Animation | UK

Thirteen years old and six foot two, Ben “Westi” Westerman finds it hard to fit in to a world where bigger is not always better.


EPISODE 14: Girl Power II

Marion Banphrionsa

Melanie Clark Pullen

9 min. | Drama | Ireland

Ireland 1961 – Princess Grace of Monaco is making her first official visit to Ireland and little Marion is determined to meet her. Monaco 2005 – a woman makes her first visit to the Principality of Monaco.


Picket Fenced-In

Hailey Bartholomew

4 min. | Drama | Australia

A young woman dreads living an ordinary life in the suburbs. Finding herself living this “nightmare” causes her to take a fresh look at what is really important.



Alison Teal Blehert-Koehn

6 min. | Family | USA

Rita is a true story based on the filmmaker’s childhood. Alison Blehert-Koehn’s early life was filled with the stuff of dreams. But not until the family’s expedition to Mt. Everest, did seven-year-old Alison get to experience her own dream.



Still Life

Joe Turner Lin

19 min. | Drama | USA

A young man working the graveyard shift at an all-night photomat falls in love with the picture of a girl.


Disc 2

EPISODE 16: Fathers & Daughters

Getting Dad

Hailey Bartholomew

5 min. | Drama | Australia

A girl seeks to understand her strange father.



Tony Dean Smith

18 Min. | Drama | Canada

After witnessing the accidental death of his daughter, ALAN LAINE has undergone 2 years of therapy. Just when he feels like he can put the past away, a frightening experience pulls him back into a world where reality and fantasy blur.


EPISODE 17: Love V


Rob Sorrenti

22 min. | Drama | UK

The story of a girl and a boy born on the same day at the same time in the same hospital, whose paths cross again years later, in the very same place.


EPISODE 18: Animation

Agricultural Report

Melina Sydney Padua

3 min. | Animation | Ireland

A cow gets worried when hearing a radio bulletin about a dangerous disease affecting livestock.


Loocy Moon

John McCloskey

8 min. | Animated | Ireland

In this beautifully animated winter fantasy Loocy sneaks out of her house in the middle of the night to free the full moon from a frozen pond.


My Happy End

Milen Vitanov

5 min. | Animation/Comedy | Germany

All dogs chase their tails. What happens when one catches it?


EPISODE 19: Fate


Adrienne Michel-Long

3 min. | Ireland

A young boy called “Luka” steps into a timeless world of mishap adventure in a moment of distraction while in pursuit of a balloon in the sky.



Maurice Chauvet

9 min. | Comedy | USA

A hilarious tale of late fees, privacy rights and how much information is available at the touch of a button



Mark Ash

4 min. | Drama | Ireland

A young girl observes the little everyday things of her life. How do those little things add up when tragedy strikes?


The End is Night

James Cotter

4 min. | Comedy | Ireland

When a farmer discovers an ancient amulet with the power to destroy the world, he does what any of us would do…


EPISODE 20: Boy Power

St. Mathurin’s School of Practical Joking

Chris Waitt

10 min. | Drama | Scotland

A school where pupils learn about peashooting, stink bombs and food fighting is threatened with closure by the arrival of a humourless government official.


Eustice Solves a Problem

Stephen Lance

13 min. | Drama | Australia

In a televised 1958 mathematics competition, Eustice Badgery finds a friend and the courage to stand up to his mother.


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