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The Best Films You've Never Seen, Volume 1
Episodes 1-10


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Featuring Teeth

Ruairi O’Brien & John Kennedy
2 min. | Comedy | Ireland

Teeth is a short “last laugh” tale of two old friends, their teeth and a series of events that leaves them lost for words.

Disc 1

EPISODE 1: Friendship


Ruairi O’Brien & John Kennedy

2 min. | Comedy | Ireland

Teeth is a short “last laugh” tale of two old friends, their teeth and a series of events that leaves them lost for words.



Julie Anne Meerschwam

19 min. | Drama | USA

A story about the friendship between a little girl and her imaginary friend.


EPISODE 2: Fathers & Sons

Letting Go

Dan Masucci

4 min. | Drama | USA

A father prepares his son for ‘letting go’ of his childhood blanket.


Freesia of Eden

Alastair McIlwain

15 min. | Drama | N. Ireland

The unique friendship between Ned and his 7 year old grandson, Conan, stems from their devout love of gardening. When Ned realises that he is going to die he knows he must explain his death to Conan in the only way he will understand.


EPISODE 3: Fathers & Daughters

Dance Lexie Dance

Tim Loane

15 min. | Drama | Ireland

A young protestant girl in Derry wants to be a RIVERDANCER but her grief-stricken father has to be convinced.


Looking Good

T. Powell & M. Nebauer

7 min. | Comedy | Australia

Zali gets to spend a day alone with her dad and in her mind plans a fun outing with him. However, things don’t go as planned.


EPISODE 4: Celebrating Your Individuality

Little Blue

Bob Svihovec

8 min. | Comedy | USA

A young penguin breaks away from tradition and pursues his dream. Despite the challenges, Little Blue learns to surf.


The Wind Fisherman

Anna McRoberts

11 min. | Drama | USA

A story from the windiest place on earth about finding your place in the world.


EPISODE 5: Girl Power

Triple Concerto in D Minor

Daniel Mitchell

8 min. | Drama | Australia

Ambitious young Rebecca always wanted to play her beloved triangle in an orchestra. Now she has a chance to audition with the National Youth Orchestra.


Clarissa Performs a Magic Trick

Virginia Mesiti

9 min. | Drama | Australia

Clarissa, an overweight teenager, is inspired to pursue her dream of becoming a ballerina after an abusive encounter with Sam, a shallow ad man.


Ruby Who?

H. Bartholomew, N. Stuetz

4 min. | Family | Australia

A little girl discovers that freedom and happiness are found when you let go of all the things you want and relish what you have.


Disc 2

EPISODE 6: Boy Power I


Matt Pinder

9 min. | Comedy | Scotland

Seven year-old Sammy is convinced that he has been bitten by a poisonous snake.


Shadow Ball

Ruben Grijalva

12 min. | Drama | USA

Patrick stumbles upon a marvelous game of exhibition baseball where everything is real except the ball.



The Delivery

Virginia Bogert

11 min. | Romance | USA

Never underestimate the power of the written word, nor a little bit of chocolate. Some notes, a mouse, and a greater gift work their magic.



Gina Guerrieri

8 min. | Romance | USA

After trudging through day after day of his dull, lonely life, a stodgy old professor receives an unexpected gift that takes his life in a different direction.


Our Wonderful Nature

Tomer Eshed

5 min. | Animation | Germany

The mating habits of the water shrew like never seen before...



Tanghi Argentini

Guido Thys

14 min. | Comedy | Belgium

An office clerk tries to make his colleagues happy by giving them something real and precious.


One Lonely Lost Umbrella Seeks Companion

Irina Goundortseva

9 min. | Fiction | Australia

Brandishing a pink umbrella, Josh embarks on a mission of love in the library, equipped with awkward advances, timid glances and passionate hope.



No Parking

Jeremy Brunjes

4 min. | Comedy | USA

The meeting of a man who constantly receives parking tickets and the officer who writes them.


Love On Track

Allison Heather

5 min. | Romantic Comedy | Australia

The promise of true love goes temporarily off the rails on the Sydney monorail.


Mr. Thornton’s Change of Heart

Nic Cornwall

12 min. | Romantic Comedy | UK

A cynical, table-to-table rose seller is forced to reconsider his feelings for his doting supplier when a magical and romantic stranger barges into their lives.


EPISODE 10: Real People

Elegy for the Elswick Envoy

Nancy Willis

25 min. | Documentary | UK

Artist Nancy Willis is on a quest to find just the right home for her much loved but exhausted car – the remarkable Elswick Envoy. A witty and moving double portrait of a unique vehicle and its owner.


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