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Award-Winning Films About ROMANCE

20 Films      
Over 237 Minutes
Over 44 Awards Including:
Seattle International Film Festival,Aspen Film Festival, Student Academy Award

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Featuring Tanghi Argentini

Guido Thys 
14 min. | Comedy | Belgium

An office clerk tries to make his colleagues happy by giving them something real and precious.

  • Aspen Film Festival
  • Seattle’s 1 Reel Film Festival
  • Moondance International Film Festival

Disc 1

Full Disclosure
Douglas Horn
18 min. | Comedy | USA

Everett decides to reveal every terrible habit, attitude and hang up on the first date. Shockingly, women don’t respond as he’d hoped... until he meets Brinn 

  • Seattle International Film Festival
  • Stony Brook Film Festival
  • Sedona International Film Festival


The Wine Bar
Christian Remde
12 min. | Comedy | USA

When blue-collar Henry orders a beer in a snooty wine bar, he offends everyone and has to defend himself and the woman sitting next to him.  

  • Carolina Film Festival
  • Omaha Film Festival
  • Gem City Film Festival


Fool Me Once
Paco Farias
12 min. | Drama | USA

A game of deception and greed.

  • Stony Brook Film Festival
  • Methodfest


Jillian's Vantage
Geno Andrews
23 min. | Drama | USA

During the course of a magical dinner, Jillian teaches John, a recluse, to see through the eyes of his heart.

  • Damah Film Festival
  • Crested Butte Film Festival
  • RAD Film Festival


Cold Tea
Katie Bowen
10 min. | Comedy | USA

A young man discovers the woman of his dreams but when he learns who she really is, that love is tested. 

  • Sedona International Film Festival
  • Big Island Film Festival
  • New York City Downtown Short Film Festival

Rolla Saor
Cathal Watters
25 min. | Comedy | Ireland

Marc and Ruth’s mundane relationship takes a positive turn through photography…until the local photo developer calls. 

  • Cork International Film Festival


How To Cope With Rejection
Chris Waitt
5 min. | Comedy | UK

Adam hires a Ninja to reclaim his ex-girlfriend Danielle from bronzed Adonis Bradley, with unexpected results. 



Michael Lucas
11 min. | Drama | Australia

Two drivers find each other stuck in a side alley whilst trying to turn on to an impenetrable motorway.

  • Fitzroy Shorts
  • Newcastle Film Festival


The Wednesdays
Conor Ferguson
13 min. | Drama | Ireland

Two seniors use questionable means to reignite their forgotten love until the law comes calling. 

  • Best Short: Galway Film Festival
  • Irish Film and Television Awards


Tanghi Argentini
Guido Thys
14 min. | Comedy | Belgium

An office clerk tries to make his colleagues happy by giving them something real and precious.

  • Aspen Film Festival
  • Seattle’s 1 Reel Film Festival
  • Moondance International Film Festival

Disc 2

Flowers and Weeds
Tanc Sade
14 min. | Romance | Australia/USA

A fairytale about a young man who learns to stand up for what he believes.

  • Palm springs Int’l. shorts
  • Bumbershoot, Seattle


Rear View
Jake McKone
12 Min. | drama | Ireland

A taxi driver is presented with a dilemma to be honest broker or to keep out of others affairs. 

  • Celtic Media Festival


Ken Wardrop
3 min. | Drama | Ireland

A story of one man’s expression of sensuality through a kiss.



Still Life
Joe Turner Lin
19 min. | Drama | USA

A young man working the graveyard shift at an all-night photomat falls in love with the picture of a girl.

  • San Diego Asian Film Festival
  • China-American Festival of Film & Culture
  • Student Academy Award


Gina Guerrieri
8 min. | Romance | USA

After trudging through day after day of his dull, lonely life, a stodgy old professor receives an unexpected gift that takes his life in a different direction.

  • CINE Film & Video Competition
  • International Family Film Festival
  • WorldFest Independent Film Festival

Selling Hopkins
Scott Eathorne
9 min. | Drama/Comedy | Australia

An awkward, unemployed man meets a lonely saleswoman in this quirky tale of friendship.

  • Calgary International Film Festival
  • SouthSide Film Festival
  • Mandurah Short Film Festival


One Lonely Lost Umbrella Seeks Companion
Irina Goundortseva
9 min. | Fiction | Australia

Brandishing a pink umbrella, Josh embarks on a mission of love in the library, equipped with awkward advances, timid glances and passionate hope.

  • Fitzroy Shorts Film Festival
  • Woodford Folk Festival


Lucky Escape
Shane McCabe
4 min. | Comedy | Ireland

A high-powered career woman decides to end things with her boyfriend in the most unkind of ways with mixed consequences.



Love On Track
Allison Heather
5 min. | Romantic Comedy | Australia

The promise of true love goes temporarily off the rails on the Sydney monorail.

  • Palm springs Int’l. shorts
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival
  • Bradford International Film Festival


Rob Sorrenti
22 min. | Drama | UK

The story of a girl and a boy born on the same day at the same time in the same hospital, whose paths cross again years later, in the very same place.

  • Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
  • Short Cuts Film Festival
  • Garden State Film Festival

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