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Welcome, Filmmakers!

OFFICIAL BEST OF FEST AWARDS identify the top 5% of independent films made around the world every year as defined by audiences, festival awards, reviewers/bloggers, and OFFICIAL BEST OF FEST international curators. Its mission is to identify the best of the best from all of the world’s film festivals and bring these deserving films to the public’s attention.

Over 100 OFFICIAL BEST OF FEST curators from film festivals around the world comprise a panel that actually screens the vast majority of all of the films made and identifies the top 5% so that they can be brought to light.

So submit only your very best work—the competition is stiff.  All of us have made good and bad stuff… be self censoring.  Films from any year are welcome!

OFFICIAL BEST OF FEST. It’s the ultimate international great film find fed by the world’s best film festival programmers.

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